The best in the business

‘We continue referring our clients to AUSDOG because of John’s unparalleled honesty, expertise and professionalism. He is one of the best in the business. And if the behavioural issue is unsolvable, he will tell the client without beating around the bush or wasting their money.’

~ Dr Graham, Village Vet, Toorak

Very happy clients

‘My experiences with AUSDOG have always been very positive. All my referred clients have been very happy with their outcomes, including those with dogs that had very complex problems.’

~ Dr Alan, Mont Albert Vet Surgery

Immense value time and again

‘Behavioural issues are not our area of expertise. So we regularly refer our clients to John at AUSDOG. Our clients report time and again that even a brief discussion over the phone provides immense value.’

~ Dr Corbett, Tecoma Vet, Tecoma

A lifetime of expertise

‘I first met John Harkin in 1998. Like many people who have spent a lifetime doing something, he is very good at it!’

~ Dr Stewart, Vet Centres Pty Ltd

Fantastic results

‘We regularly recommend John to our clients for everything from basic obedience to specialised behavioural issues. His ‘train the dog and owner’ approach delivers fantastic results for everyone.’

~ Dr M. Newport, High Street Veterinary Clinic, Kew

We trust him to deliver

‘John understands people and their dogs. We trust him to deliver and receive feedback of the highest level from our clients.’

~ Dr Telford, Elgar Rd Veterinary Clinic, Box Hill North

I regularly refer my clients to John

‘I have known John at AUSDOG for many years and regularly refer my clients to him. He is incredibly effective and never uses harsh or cruel training methods.’

~ Dr Hugh Wirth, Balwyn Veterinary Clinic International President RSPCA

Consistently positive feedback

‘AUSDOG training is fast, effective and the feedback from our clients is always positive. We have no hesitation in recommending AUSDOG to all of our clients.’

~ Dr Greenwood, Canterbury Veterinary Clinic, Surrey Hills