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Dog Training

All ages. All problems. Most breeds.

In-home dog training that gets results

Effective dog training can make all the difference between enjoying your much-loved companion for many years – or ending up with a costly, troublesome liability.

At AUSDOG, we can help your dog achieve its potential with dog training that’s always:

  • Conducted in your dog’s natural environment
  • Tailored to your dog’s temperament and your lifestyle
  • Centred on positive reinforcement and encouragement
  • Involving the whole family – including your children
  • Based on simple, practical advice that’s easy to implement

Learnt a great deal

Lynne G, Hurstbridge

‘My sincerest thanks for your time with Milly and me today. I learnt a great deal and look forward to Milly behaving herself!’

Is your dog ‘on the same page’ as you and your family?

Have you introduced an adult dog into your home that’s either untrained or not adjusting well to your environment? Is your current dog having difficulty with change – such as a house move, new baby or additional pet?

Whatever your hurdles, AUSDOG can train your dog and educate your family on how to overcome them. We offer clear and simple strategies for a range of everyday issues that affect adult and adolescent dogs such as:

  • Toilet, sleeping and eating habits
  • Establishing physical boundaries
  • Behaviour towards family members, visitors and other animals
  • Correct handling and socialising when walking in public

The best investment we could have made

Tuzz & Rhys M, Mornington

John came to our house in Mornington to train our 8 & 9 year old Staffies  We were convinced that they were beyond help & we would be stuck with dogs that pull on leads, were aggressive towards other dogs, barked at people walking past… the list goes on. Within the time spent with our dogs, John had them walking next to us on the lead (WITHOUT pulling), sitting at each street corner & waiting to be invited onto the street, not being fussed if another dog walked past & NO barking at the fence when people walked past our house. We cannot recommend John highly enough, we were blown away by not only his ability, but also the knowledge & insight that he gave us about how to enjoy our dogs. We can now have breakfast at a cafe with our dogs at our feet, all the while another dog sitting next to us, walk them with no stress & be confident that they aren’t barking whilst we are at work. By far the best investment we could have made. Thanks John!! Tuzz & Rhys 🙂

Yes! We’re ready for our dog to become a happy and well-behaved companion.

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