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Puppy Training

Give your puppy the best possible start

Adorable can turn to naughty very quickly

Puppy Training – Bringing a new puppy into your home is a special time. You can’t get enough of their cuddles and cuteness – at least until the weeing, chewing, biting or jumping begins.

Did you know that the first 18 weeks of your puppy’s life is the most crucial learning period? So you don’t have much time for false starts. And remember: a naughty, untrained puppy can quickly become a badly behaved adult dog.

I would definitely recommend John

Craig G - Parkdale

We had John come to train little Alfie a feisty Mini Schnauzer and we were amazed with the results.

He was able to quickly identify the dogs nature and the issues that required attention.

Methods were clear and very practical and easy for the family to follow, even down to the appropriate treats & toys.

I think that one of the most valuable parts of the training was that John trained the whole family on how to provide consistent and clear direction to Alfie.

This meant that after the training we were all capable and could maintain consistent approach to the training. Our 2 girls felt very comfortable with John’s coaching and enjoyed the training.

We are now able to enjoy our little pooch and he is much happier also, I would definitely recommend John.

Choose your puppy training approach wisely

Contrary to popular belief, puppy training schools are often ineffective because they don’t teach you how to handle your puppy in its own environment. And surprisingly, they can actually hinder positive socialisation rather than promote it.

In fact, 8 out 10 badly behaved dogs we train were once puppy school ‘graduates’!

We give you the solid foundation you need

At AUSDOG, we come to your home to help you set a solid foundation for your pup’s future good behaviour. Through education and support, we help you:

  • Settle your puppy into its new environment
  • Establish designated feeding, sleeping and toilet areas
  • Implement a routine to suit your lifestyle
  • Learn how to handle and communicate with your puppy – the right way, right away

We trust him to deliver

Dr Telford, Elgar Rd Veterinary Clinic, Box Hill North

‘John understands people and their dogs. We trust him to deliver and receive feedback of the highest level from our clients.’

Simple, straightforward advice for the whole family

Biting, chewing and jumping are not part and parcel of puppy rearing. These behaviours can be avoided. And if they’ve already started? You can and should correct them as soon as possible.

We help you and your children address the specific challenges that come with bringing a new puppy into your home – such as:

  • Nipping, chewing, mouthing or biting
  • Jumping on family members and visitors
  • Crying and separation anxiety
  • Pulling on lead and poor behaviour with other dogs
  • Setting physical boundaries in the home
  • Overexcitement and unnecessary barking
  • Digging, burying and other destructive behaviours

Your calm and practical approach was so reassuring

Jayne S - Hampton

Border Collie x Labrador  Puppy Male 13 weeks

Hi John

I would like to say a huge thank you for yesterday.  Your calm and practical approach was so reassuring and just what we needed at this early stage.  You were amazing with all of us, particularly our children Tom and Audrey and we have all taken your advice on board.  We have had the most amazing calm puppy and calm family this morning.  Dasher slept peacefully in his new kennel last night and had an hour on his trampoline bed this morning with no biting!

Many thanks , Kind regards


Yes! We’re ready to give our puppy the best possible start.

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Advice from John

The Dangers of Chicken Necks

I have been warning dog owners for many years now regarding the dangers of chicken necks, however many Breeders and Veterinarians keep advising owners to give them to dogs. The University of Melbourne study warns against feeding dogs raw chicken meat especially chicken necks. It is not hard for a pup to choke. Read more about the dangers of feeding your pup chicken necks here.


Dog Bites and Children

All too often we hear of another child bitten by a family dog. So many people clearly do not understand about the importance of managing family pets around young children. More children are hospitalised in Australia each year resulting from dog bites than car accidents. You may be surprised to know that most dog bite incidents occur within the family home with small children by their family dog.


Children and Dogs

Don’t take it for granted that because your dog is good with your children that he or she will be fine with all children. Don’t be paranoid, however, exercise caution with dogs around children, particularly those under 8 years. Often children don’t realise their strength and can damage internal organs on pups with an over-affectionate cuddle.