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Dog Behaviour Problems

Dogs up to no good? Get them back on track.

Dog causing havoc? Want to gain more control over their behaviour? 

A well-mannered dog starts with a well-informed owner. 

That’s why our adolescent and adult dog training gives you the strategies to steer your four-legged friend on the path to good behaviour. 

Dog behavioural issues we help you rectify


Many dogs experience some form of anxiety. Be it separation anxiety, fear of loud noises or unease around environmental and
routine changes.

At AUSDOG, we use positive reinforcement.


Dogs can be aggressive when it comes to food, or towards adults, children and other dogs. And it’s often due to frustration and
dominance issues.

We teach you and your dog ways they can let off steam. And appropriate strategies to handle them. Calmly
and assertively.

Destructive behaviours

Has your dog destroyed your furniture or stolen your shoes? This is a sign of destructive behaviour. While it causes problems for you, it can also lead to internal physical problems
 for your dog.

Let’s get it under control. Sooner rather than later.


Any dog is capable of biting when it’s injured, territorial or afraid. To keep everyone, including your dog, safe, you need to act as soon
as you can.

At AUSDOG, we’ll help you manage and shift this behaviour. Before
it’s too late.

Excessive behaviours

What’s deemed excessive? Behaviours that are repetitive, exaggerated or sustained. That means excessive barking, jumping and destruction.

We work with you and your dog to cut across these behaviours with our behaviour management techniques.

Training that sticks, choose AUSDOG.

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