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With over 30 years both local and international experience, you can be assured John has the know how to provide his clients and their family dog the best possible results.  Read our happy Dog Owners Reviews  or even see why Vet’s Recommend Ausdog.

It doesn’t matter what age, from eliminating the stress of introducing young puppies into their family home, teaching children how to correctly handle their new puppy,  teaching families with Johns guiding hand on how to rear their young pup into a wonderful happy well behaved dog to dealing with young adolescent dogs that have developed behavioural problems.

With John’s unique and individual remedial training & proper management to rehomed or adopted dogs who need the care to join the their new family in their forever home.

John’s knowledge on dogs comes from his love of dogs from a very young age, backed up by his many years of expertise and knowledge working with dogs over his lifetime to benefit you, your family puppy or adult dog to be a happy and valued member of your family.

In John’s words “the first thing people must know is who their dog is” before you do anything else. That is why John’s approach is all about individuality.

Training that sticks, choose AUSDOG.

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