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Dog Bites and Children

Dog Bites and Children

Dog bites and children

Incidents of dog bites should not need to take place in a family household. Over the years I have been a strong advocate of educating owners on the importance of safety of children around dogs. I can’t emphasise enough the message to dog owners that management is so important.

All too often we hear of another child bitten by a family dog, and unfortunately as seen recently with horrific outcomes. 

People in the community are clearly not getting the message about the importance of managing family pets around young children.

More children are hospitalised in Australia each year resulting from dog bites than from car accidents, but you won’t read or hear about it in the news unless it is a “newsworthy front page article” such as the most recent horrific stories.

In all my years of dog training, I am yet to see or work with a dog that could be trusted 100% around small children.  Children have no understanding of dogs and the potential danger, nor do many adults.

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Dogs are not humans

Humanising of dogs is not necessarily kind it is often cruel and confusing to dogs.  Dog Bite incidents are often a direct result of humanising of dogs and is in many cases is the cause of so many behavioural problems in dogs.

Unfortunately the pet industry as a whole has a lot to answer for in encouraging humanising of dogs.  I have found misinformation to be the “predominant cause of confusion” with owners and their dogs.

I see many dog training books on coffee tables and information people source through the internet.  You need to understand, anyone can write a book or post anything on the internet but this doesn’t mean it is correct especially when I see the evidence of this ‘misinformaton’ when I visit innocent dog owners who need my help to re-educate them and their dogs.

Dog bites do not need to happen

This is not to say you should be paranoid about dogs, however the use of simple common sense along with the correct information and education on how to manage your family pet around young children in order to avoid dog bite incidents occurring in the first place.   

– John Harkin

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