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Dog Training is Simple

Dog Training is Simple

DOG TRAINING IS SIMPLE… “If you get the right advice”

Most owners spend the first 6 months of their dog’s life doing all the wrong things. Then they spend the rest of the dog’s life either putting up with or trying to rectify bad behaviour.


The truth is it is not the owner’s fault they have received the wrong advice in the first place.

Unfortunately as a result, no matter how many times or how hard you try, you will not achieve the desired result doing the wrong thing with your dog.

The fact is, all dogs are ‘individuals’ and should be managed that way along with the individual needs of the family, their lifestyle and home environment.  And don’t fall for the misinformation about socialising.  90% of the dogs I attend to with behavioural problems and dog aggression have either participated in puppy school or have been so called socialised with groups of dogs or let run free in off leash in parks.

‘Good behaviour’ is the result of good management, good training and education’

The right advice starts here.

– John Harkin

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