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Bees, Wasps and Snake Bites

Bees, Wasps and Snake Bites

Bees and Wasp Bites

Watch out for bees and wasp bites, particularly if your dog is bitten around the facial area. If bitten, watch very closely as your dog can have a serious reaction to a bee or wasp bite.

Do not leave food and bones around your yard as wasps are attracted to them.  If in any doubt, contact your Vet.

Bees and Wasp Bites | AUSDOG Dog and Puppy Training

Snake Bites

Watch out for Snakes – if you see your dog barking excitably at something at ground level it could be a snake. Respond quickly and get your dog well clear of the area. If you think there is any chance that your dog could have been bitten contact your Vet quickly.

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