We come to you – teaching you how to train and manage your dog in and around your home environment

For years, our personalised approach has primed well-loved dogs to be well-behaved companions. For life.

Whatever your dog’s age, or problem we can help !

Our experience & knowledge does matter

Puppy Training

From the moment your pup bounds into your home, we’ll help train them – quick smart – for a lifetime of good behaviour.

Dog Training & Behaviour

Chewing furniture? Jumping on children? Pulling on lead? Whatever your challenges, we can help put a stop to the madness.

The AUSDOG way

Trusted by owners and vets across Melbourne

Training in your home & neighbourhood

Private & personalised training

Simple solutions – fast permanent results

Dog owners are impressed

Truly astounding improvements

‘Ted’s confidence has grown and he is no longer scared of every new human or loud sound. We’re both still learning but his improvements have been truly astounding. Ted is now a very happy boy!’

Conor (and Ted), Princess Hill

And vets love us too !

The best in the business

‘We continue referring our clients to AUSDOG because of John’s unparalleled honesty, expertise and professionalism. He is one of the best in the business. And if the behavioural issue is unsolvable, he will tell the client without beating around the bush or wasting their money.’

Dr Corbett, Tecoma Vet, Tecoma