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Fees & Payment

Before you ask ‘how much’…

Ask yourself this: what is the cost of not training?

Every dog deserves to live a long, stable and happy life. And every family deserves to truly enjoy their companion – without experiencing fear or frustration on a daily basis.

That’s why the time and effort you invest into training matters. There’s no such thing as ‘seeing how we go’ or ‘she’ll grow out of it’. Complacency like this inevitably leads to unwelcome stress within the home, premature rehoming, runaways, or worse, dog euthanasia.

In most cases, one consultation is all it takes

Our consultation fee is determined through our discussion with you, depending on what issues you may be experiencing and what your requirements are. 

A 1½ hour consultation lesson at and around your home delivers fast, long-term results and in the majority of cases, it’s all you need to achieve the outcome you’re looking for.

John absolutely transformed my dog

Annette C, Armadale

I first met John 10 years ago when my Golden retriever, Toby, was 12 weeks old. I told him that, although I had raised and trained 3 previous dogs ( a Corgi and 2 Golden Retrievers) it had been 15 years since the previous Golden was a puppy and, as a new and furthermore, now older, mother I lacked confidence and felt I needed some guidance. 

I shall never forget the couple of hours we spent with Toby that day. We walked him to the nearby train station, stood on the platform and watched trains go by, walked amongst throngs of schoolgirls on the footpath as they headed towards the station, took him to a coffee shop, crossed busy roads, watched noisy trucks pass by, crossed pedestrian crossings – all with John’s firm guidance and expertise. 

This is a man who really knows dogs and, I suspect, also has considerable insight into owner’s personalities!

My interaction with John resulted in a placid, well trained and incredibly loveable dog and I am deeply grateful to him.

This is all you have to do

The best way to find out how much you need to invest is to contact us.

You can call us toll free on 1800 287 364 or send an online enquiry. We’ll be able to give you an immediate estimate to help you make a decision.

What’s more, your initial phone consultation is absolutely free – and comes with no obligation.

Yes, we accept credit card!

We take payment at the end of your session in person. 

We also offer flexible payment options including cash and credit card (Mastercard and Visa).

In some cases, we may require a confirmation deposit over the phone before your session.


Yes! We’re ready for our dog to become a happy and well-behaved companion.

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Advice from John

Children and Dogs

Don’t just take it for granted that because your dog is good with your children that he or she will be fine with all children. Don’t be paranoid, however, exercise caution with dogs around children, particularly those under 8 years. Also be very careful with puppies and small children, often children don’t realise their strength and can damage internal organs on pup with a very affectionate cuddle.


Christmas time and lots of food around

Be certain to ask your guests not to feed your dog. Many foods that are fine for humans are not so good for dogs.
The last thing you want during the festive season is a sick dog and a big Vet bill.
Ask your Vet to provide you with a list of dangerous foods and plants and don’t over feed your dog.


Heat and Dogs

Dogs rarely die from cold, but often die from heat exhaustion. Please exercise plenty of care over the summer months, a dog can die locked in a hot car just as quickly as a child can. Also be very cautious on hot pavements, dogs pads are no tougher than our feet unless conditioned. Even then radiant heat from the pavement is not far from dogs vital organs. It is never a good idea to walk your dog in the heat of the day.